What Excites Us the Most?

July 27, 2017 by Trent Hunter 0 comments

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I decided to start a blog for our church family. Then I decided I'd wait for a bit, and start it later. Then I came across a quote for Sunday's sermon and I had no choice but to start a blog. So, here it is. 

This Sunday we were in Revelation 3:1–7, part of our series, The Seven: Jesus' Words to the Churches in Revelation. Here, Jesus writes to a church that is on its death bed. How does a once-thriving church get there?

D.A. Carson reflects on that queston as be observes Christianity in the west. 

"[There] is a worrying tendency to focus on the periphery. [My] colleague ... Dr. Paul Hiebert. ... springs from Mennonite stock and analyzes his heritage in a fashion that he himself would acknowledge is something of a simplistic caricature, but a useful one nonetheless.

One generation of Mennonites believed the gospel and held as well that there were certain social, economic, and political entailments.

The next generation assumed the gospel, but identified with the entailments.

The following generation denied the gospel: the "entailments" became everything.

Assuming this sort of scheme for [us], one suspects that large swaths of the movement are lodged in the second step, with some drifting toward the third. ...

What is it in the Christian faith that excites you? ... Today there are endless subgroups of confessing Christians who invest enormous quantities of time and energy in one issue or another: abortion, pornography, home schooling, women's ordination (for or against), economic justice, a certain style of worship, the defense of a particular Bible version, and countries have a full agenda of urgent, peripheral demands. Not for a moment am I suggesting we should not think about such matters or throw our weight behind some of them. But when such matters devour most of our time and passion, each of us must ask: In what fashion am I confessing the centrality of the gospel?"

So, what is in the Christian faith that excites us the most as a church? What excites you the most as a Christian?

Each week I'll use this space to publish a follow-up to Sunday's sermon. I may highlight a resource connected with a particular theme, or a quote I read, or something from the cutting floor. There's usually plenty on the cutting floor after the sermon is done. 

Click here for a link to this week's sermon, “Waking Up in Sardis: Words for a Near-Dead Church.”

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