Core Values

Loving God

1. Biblical Authority: To order our lives according to God’s authoritative Word.
    a. Pursuing an accurate understanding of the entirety of Scripture
    b. Believing all that is revealed to us in the entirety of Scripture
    c. Submitting our lives to the entirety of Scripture
    d. Practicing a personal application of the entirety of Scripture

2. Passionate Worship: To worship God with all that we are for His glory and our joy.
    a. Preaching the person and work of Jesus Christ as He is revealed in the entirety of Scripture.
    b. Expressing together the manifold glory of God.
        i. Reading the Scriptures
       ii. Singing Psalms, hymns and spiritual songs
      iii. Praying
      iv. Testifying to the power of God’s grace
       v. Giving offerings gladly and generously
      vi. Baptizing believers
     vii. Sharing the Lord’s Supper

3. Fervent Prayer: To pray whole-heartedly for the triumph of God’s purposes.
    a. Praying together as a congregation
    b. Praying in small groups
    c. Praying individually

4. Personal Holiness: To live a life conformed to the character of Christ and the will of God.
    a. Consecrating our lives entirely to God (Rom 12:1-2; 1 Cor 1:2)
    b. Renewing our minds through the word of God
    c. Resisting conformity to all that is hostile to God
   d. Demonstrating to those around us that God’s will is good, acceptable and perfect

Loving Others

1. Intentional Evangelism: to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to all peoples
    a. Locally through intentional, personal evangelism (Matt 28:18-20)
        i. Pursuing unbelievers
       ii. Calling them to follow Christ
      iii. Teaching them to observe His commands
    b. Globally in committed partnerships with effective ministries (3 John 7-8)
        i. Supporting likeminded partners who are faithful, impactful and accountable in the work of the Gospel.

2. Relational Discipleship: to build close relationships with one another as we follow Christ
    a. Nurturing one another in the Word (Matt 25:35, 36)
    b. Building a healthy community of faith where individuals may thrive
    c. Empowering families to live out their God-given roles
       i. Modeling the roles of a biblical family
      ii. Mentoring from older to younger with transparency
    d. Serving one another by carrying each other’s burdens

3. Proactive Mercy: to provide compassionate care for the special needs of our community (Matt 9:12-13; Jam 1:27, Matt 25:35ff)
    a. Affirming God’s promises to the hurting
    b. Surrounding those in need with personal care
    c. Shouldering burdens by providing physical and financial relief
    d. Demonstrating kindness to the fallen (Matt 25:36 - …visited me in prison)
    e. Providing acceptance for the excluded (divorced, older singles)

4. Humble Forgiveness: to exercise tenderhearted forgiveness for wrongs received (Eph 4:32; Col 3:13; Is 61:3)
   a. Humbling ourselves according to the example of Christ (Phil 2:8)
   b. Bearing with one another according to the tenderness of Christ
   c. Forgiving one another according to the mandate of Christ
   d. Restoring one another according to the character of Christ

5. Sacrificial Giving: to love others as we love ourselves
    a. Providing generously and sacrificially of time, talents, and resources
    b. Meeting spiritual and physical needs aggressively (Is 58)