Electives: Fall 2018

As we seek to grow together, our church family pursues instruction and relationships. Sunday mornings at 11:00, Electives are the primary time for instruction. After the morning service, we gather in a variety of classes to learn practical ways we can grow in our walk with Jesus and in our relationships with each other. Electives run for varying periods of time, and our calendar year is divided into three sections or trimesters (winter/spring, summer, and fall) with breaks scheduled between. During the adult Electives, children, middle school, and high school students meet according to their grades.

Fall Elective Schedule

12-Week Electives

 6-Week Electives I

Sundays, Sept. 2 - Nov. 18, 11:00 AM
Excited About the Bible
Genesis 1-11
Perfect Peace in Conflict
Ready to Restore
Women Receiving the Word

 Sundays, Sept. 2 - Oct. 7, 11:00 AM
 Membership Matters
 Praying the Bible
 Volunteer for Children's Ministries


 6-Week Electives II


 Sundays, Oct. 14 - Nov. 18, 11:00 AM 
 Making Disciples
 What in the World Is God Doing
 Volunteer for Children's Ministries


Electives Map

Core Electives*

While we offer a number of elective classes each elective cycle and throughout each year, there are six classes that we are calling Core Electives. These are the central classes that we will offer on a rotating basis every calendar year and sometimes multiple times each year. The purpose of Core Electives is to provide a pathway for growing in Christ to any person who enters our church—unbeliever, new believer, or any believer. No matter your relationship to Christ, there is a class which you could step into in order to learn more about Jesus and life in Him.

We desire our Heritage Members to participate in each of these six classes at some point. This will help each of us to grow in Christ, and it will help us know where we could take a friend who might come with us to church.

The four Core Electives we are offering this fall are:

  1. Excited About the Bible (12 weeks)
  2. Making Disciples (6 weeks)
  3. Membership Matters (6 weeks)
  4. What In the World Is God Doing (6 weeks)

12-Week Electives
Sundays, September 2 - November 18, 11:00 AM 

*Excited About the Bible

Overview: In this class you will be encouraged to question the teachers' conclusions, talk in class, share your answers with other students, and write in your textbook. Using different passages than in previous classes, we will practice Spirit-dependent habits that will position you to experience the joy of personal discovery in reading Scripture. While we will again read different literary genres from both Testaments, there will be a change. We will not read a new, separate passage every week. Instead, we will consider a few longer passages, working through each for a few weeks in each to get context and continuity. 
Leaders: Stephen Enjaian, Lewis Carl, Pete Hansen

Genesis 1-11: Ancient Truths for Today

Overview: Learn how Creation, the Fall, the Flood and the Tower of Babel affect our modern lives. See the promise of victory that is woven into the very fabric of judgment. Consider where the seeds of Jesus’ Redemption are planted in the midst of toil and pain. Discover how the Creator can be your Savior and Lord.
Teachers: Nathan Majewski, Dennis McKinsey

Perfect Peace in Conflict

Overview: Join us in exploring Biblical conflict resolution. Jesus sacrificed His life in order to provide peace with God and others. So why is there so much conflict in our homes, work, and other places? Discover Biblical insights into when and how to resolve issues, and learn how to glorify God by being a peacemaker.
Teachers: Greg Fox, Sandy McCormick

Ready to Restore: The One Anothering of Biblical Counseling

Overview: God calls every Christian to instruct somebody, somewhere, sometime, about something. Learn the basics of counseling and how it is the way to “one another” within the church family. Explore, discover, and gain confidence in being competent to counsel.
Teacher: Brad Hilgeman

Women Receiving the Word: I Samuel

Overview: Centering on reading through 1 Samuel out loud and in coordination with weekly assignments for the 8-week Women's Ministries Bible study this fall, this class offers an opportunity for all women to enjoy fellowship in God’s Word. The weeks before and after the Bible study will be spent in related passages to enrich our understanding of the material in 1 Samuel. 
Teacher: Katie Gerdt

6-Week Electives I
Sundays, September 2 - October 7, 11:00 AM

*Membership Matters: An Introduction to the Why, Who, and What of the Heritage Family

Overview: An orientation class that is essential for any Member who has not yet participated in the class or anyone wanting to become a Member of the Heritage Bible Church family. We believe that local church membership is vital for the growth of every follower of Jesus, and we will walk through the biblical foundation for membership, our Confession of Faith and Membership Covenant, as well as key aspects of body life at Heritage.
Teachers: Various Elders

Praying the Bible: Using God's Words to Talk to Him

Overview: Because of Christ our Perfect High Priest, God’s throne of judgment is now a throne of grace for His children. Yet don’t we sometimes feel aimless, in a rut, or that our petitions are somehow out of sync with our Father’s will? Take heart; our generous God has not left us in the dark.  The entrance of His Word give us light to seek Him through prayer and to do so in agreement with His will.  Come discover how the Bible can be the foundation for talking with our Father.
Teacher: John Sedivy; Contributor: Abe Stratton

Volunteer for Children's Ministries

Overview: Volunteer in our nursery, preschool, or journey groups for six weeks.
Director: Kevin Delp

6-Week Electives II
Sundays, October 14 - November 18, 11:00 AM

*Making Disciples

Overview: The Bible tells us the story of God’s mission – His redemptive plan to gather a people for Himself from every tribe and nation. Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection make that mission a present reality; it’s happening! But before He returned to heaven, Jesus gave His followers an assignment—to join Him in gathering followers from every nation. In this class we’ll examine what it means to be a follower of Jesus and how joining His mission will shape our lives and relationships.
Teachers: Abe Stratton, Kevin Johnson

*What In the World Is God Doing (and How Is HBC Involved)?

Overview: Join us as we look at the overarching questions as well as the practical application questions relating to missions. We seek to understand what is (and what is not) missions. We examine some basic Biblical theology of missions. We also look at the real world we live in and consider how timeless Biblical truth is best communicated in a fast-changing world. Finally, we consider the application of all of this to how we advance the gospel through our mission practice at Heritage Bible Church.
Teachers: Mark Vowels, Nathan Gallion

Volunteer for Children's Ministries

Overview: Volunteer in our nursery, preschool, or journey groups for six weeks.
Director: Kevin Delp

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