Elective Notes: Fall 2016

God’s Wisdom in Life: Seeing Jesus in Proverbs
Overview: The book of Proverbs does not mention the name Jesus. However, Christ is waiting for you to discover His presence in every chapter. Meet the Lady of Wisdom and the Lady of Folly in Proverbs. Learn how the Lady of Wisdom will point you to Jesus Christ and guide you away from the wiles of the Lady of Folly. There is spiritual victory for those who want it.
Teachers: Dennis McKinsey, Lewis Carl

Live to Give: Gospel-Motivated Generosity
Overview: Generosity is commanded of believers, rewarded by God, embodied by Christ, exemplified by the early church, and made possible through the power of the Gospel. Join us for this 6-week elective as we explore the topic of generosity and how it practically applies to the daily life of believers.
Teachers: Steve Hall, Josh and Meg Luffman

Perfect Peace in the Midst of Conflict
Overview: Join us in exploring Biblical conflict resolution. Jesus sacrificed His life in order to provide peace with God and others. So why is there so much conflict in our homes, work, and other places? Discover Biblical insights into when and how to resolve issues and learn how to glorify God by being a peacemaker.
Teachers: Sandy McCormick, Greg Fox

Ready to Restore: The One Anothering of Biblical Counseling
Overview: God calls every Christian to instruct somebody, somewhere, sometime, about something. Learn the basics of counseling and how it is the way to “one another” within the church family. Explore, discover, and gain confidence in being competent to counsel.
Teacher: Brad Hilgeman

The Trinity Changes Everything
Overview: Many of us are familiar with the doctrine of the trinity and would defend it as a biblical truth. But what are its practical implications? What about your faith would be different if God were not triune? In this elective, we’ll look at how God has revealed Himself in Scripture and how the beauty of His triune nature shapes all that we are and do as believers, from our salvation to our worship.
Teachers: Dan Olinger, Dave Gerdt

What in the World Is God Doing (and How is HBC Involved)?
Overview: Join us as we look at the overarching questions as well as the practical application questions relating to missions. We seek to understand what is (and what is not) missions. We examine some basic Biblical theology of missions. We also look at the real world we live in and consider how timeless Biblical truth is best communicated in a fast-changing world. Finally, we consider the application of all of this to how we advance the gospel through our mission practice at Heritage Bible Church.
Teachers: Mark Vowels, Nathan Gallion



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