Elective Notes: Summer 2016

The Bible’s Big Message
Seeing God’s Redemptive Plan from Beginning to End
Overview: The Bible is one big story. This elective we will cover eight of the 20 themes that connect the Old and New Testaments: Creation, the Fall, Redemption, the Messiah, the covenants, the priesthood, Israel and the Church, and the Kingdom. By the end of this elective you should see how the Bible is one continuous story and feel better equipped for personal study and understanding of the whole Bible.
Teachers: Dan Olinger, Mark Vowels, Mark Centers

Excited about the Bible! Learning to Understand and Enjoy Scripture for Yourself
Overview: Instead of starting with what you don't know about the Bible, we will use what you already know about reading to enable you to enjoy and understand Scripture for yourself. Using the Gospels as our "lab material," we will spend most of our class time practicing effective ways to dig up the treasure in the text. Our expectation is that we will spend time together with Jesus, gain fresh insights about Him, and be changed by that experience!
Teachers: Stephen Enjaian, Brent Deedrick

Heaven: Exploring what the Bible says is coming for the people of God 
Teachers: Dennis McKinsey, Dennis Horne

A Conscience for God’s Glory: What it Is, How it Works, and Making Tough Choices
Overview: The conscience is intended to be God’s witness in the soul. While it brings strong weight to our thinking and life choices, it isn’t actually its own authority. It bears witness to the highest authority it perceives. At any given moment there are many authoritative voices speaking to our consciences. It may be the culture around us, the way we were brought up, the religious teachings we’ve been exposed to, or God Himself. Followers of Jesus must learn to submit their consciences to God and His word alone. In this four-week study we’ll explore Scriptures that help us to understand the conscience, its function, and how God desires us to exercise it fully for His glory and the gospel-good of others.
Teacher: Danny Brooks

Running Scared: Fear, Worry, and the God of Rest
Teachers: Sandy McCormick, Josh Luffman

Suffering Well: Pain, Loss, and the Sovereignty of God 
Teachers: Brad Hilgeman, Travis Fleshman


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